About John Scott WOSARS

I’ve been a short wave listener for many years; tuning in to broadcast stations. I bought myself a proper receiver (a Realistic DX-160 with a random length wire) and then discovered SSB, which let me tune into ham stations. In the 1970s I started logging contacts. When I heard SSTV and RTTY signals I used a Spectrum computer to resolve them to see the pictures and text data. Ron Ham from the Shortwave Magazine took some of my pictures and published them regularly. Through receiving the SSTV pictures over the radio, I got to know GM8HGT and GM3ZXG. I visited John, GM3ZXG and Keith GM8HGT and they persuaded me to look at the Radio Amateurs’ Exam and learn morse code to be a licenced radio amateur. About this time I started going to the WoSARS meetings. I passed the Radio Amateurs’ Exam and got the callsign GM7UIK, and started using 2m (144MHz) with a transceiver. I was studying morse and shortly after passed the Morse Test. I received the Class A call GM0WRR. Still keeping up the SSTV and now on morse and speech transmission, I was enjoying going along to WoSARS meetings. I joined MEGS and FISTS, two morse clubs, and started helping out with the GB2CW morse transmissions by doing the Tuesday schedule for Glasgow. I’m also a standin for the GM0RSE/P skeds. I go regularly on trips to Millport and keep in touch with a friend Glad GM3XWE who stays there. A good friend in WoSARS, also a ‘mentor’ of sorts, Tommy GM3EDZ has persuaded me to start applying for certificates as I’ve now talked to many countries. I now have 104 contact cards from different countries, allowing me to apply for the DXCC certificate. Recently I helped out running two special event stations for the Guide Dogs Association and put a great deal of effort into it. The special event calls were GB4GDS and GB4GD. In early 2000 I was voted in as Chairman of WoSARS and since then I’ve never looked back! I’d like to give thanks to Tom GM4PRO who taught Classes for the Amateur radio Exam, and taught the course extremely well.