Millport 11 Radio

On the 30th November, John GM0WRR, Jurij UN9LX and Ernie GM0EZP went to Millport to operate for the day. John has written a short story about the trip.

Myself and Jurij

Two club members of WOSARS arrived at Largs for the first ferry at 6:45am to go over to the Island of Great Cumbrae.

After arriving at the island the weather was rain, rain and more rain, and we were surrounded in pitch dark, so to find a good place to stop off the road near the sea and flat was not easy.

So a round tour of the Island was taken to look for a good spot – an eleven mile trip. As we came round the second time, it was getting a little more
easier to see, and we found the spot as seen in the picture, which is called White Bay.

Near the van we fixed into the grass area a pole with a clamp to support the 20 ft fibreglass mast, which reached up to hold our dipole antennas.
The first antenna was a half wave 80M/B dipole, with which we made some contacts.

Then at about 10am, Ernie GM0EZP gave us a call on the mobile phone to say that he had arrived on the Island, and was walking in our direction. It was easy to pack up the station: an IC 706 and the power direct via the van battery. Just in case, we also carried a spare car battery.

We met Ernie, went back to our operating position, and took down the 80 M/B diplole in favour of an 40M/B dipole that Ernie had brought with him.
The dipole worked very well – there were plenty of RX/TX stations on forty metres. We also notably had QSO’s with two other of our club members back home with 59+ signals: Tommy, GM3EDZ and Jack, GM4COX.

Call GS4AGG/P from Great Cumbrae Island. Our signals remained very strong, and the weather was still rainy, but we did notice looking out from the shore a seal; maybe it wondered what all this activity was as Cumbrae is normally a very peacefull place and not blasting to the sound of the Wireless!

Later on we changed the 40 metre dipole to a 20M/B one and it worked well on the band with plenty of QSO’s on SSB and also CW.
We had in total around 300 QSO’s on the two bands, working both SSB and CW, and packed up about 6pm ready to leave for the 7pm Ferry back over to Largs.

So us three members of WOSARS enjoyed our day ‘Doon the watter’ to Great
Cumbrae, 73 & Thanks to all stations we spoke to.
For those we spoke to that day, QSL’s will arrive soon!