Gigha and ARRL contest


Some of the members of WoSARS, Tony MM5AJV, John GM0WRR, Alex MM3OAW, Ernie GM0EZP and Ross GM7WED have been working in the island of Gigha this weekend. We have been updating this site through a mobile phone connected to a laptop and many ‘workarounds’, so apologies if this page does not meet the quality of the rest of the WoSARS site!

We include some logs (in Logger format) of the stations worked, by operator, so that you may check if you have worked us. Note that they are only accurate until 9pm GMT on 29th September, so if you have had a contact since, it may not appear on the log! We will do our best to update this as things progress.

ARRL 10m Contest

After the success of the CQWW CW contest last month, John GM0WRR, Jurij UN9LX and Ross GM7WED decided to enter the ARRL 10m Contest.

John and Jurij arrived at the shack for about 9am on the morning of the 13th. After the usual (and familiar by now) setup of borrowing an amplifier from Alan GM4TOQ, tuning up the rig and preparing to start, the first contact got logged at 9.17am, perhaps a record time for setting everything up!

Ross arrived at about lunchtime, bringing with him the logging computer. Unfortunately as 150 contacts had already been made by this stage, they all had to go into the computer before it could be used for logging new calls! This took a couple of hours, and after connecting the laptop into the rig, we were again able to automatically key morse code to the rig and send cq calls/the other person’s call/serial numbers with the logger. Saves a lot of time and effort. Attempts were made to record SSB calls through the computer and key this up automatically too but without the correct interface circuit prepared the effort was in vain – suppose there’s always next time!

The morse contacts came in thick and fast – and there were a good few pile-ups. Thank goodness Jurij has excellent receiving ability, as the contacts were coming in far too fast for the others to copy!